In the North Amercian workshops, founder of Enspiral Joshua Vial and member and director Billy Matheson open the lid on Enspiral.

You'll learn how this network of 15 startups and 250 entrepreneurs developed and evolved. Josh and Billy will dive into the cornerstones of how we organise: agreements, collaborative decisions making, cobudgeting, stewarding and minimum viable governance. The workshop will also explore the crucial cultural practices that underly our ability to work together in an open, participatory and collaborative way.

Participants will have the opportunity to work on their own organisational design questions with these experienced designers and facilitators.


Joshua Vial

Joshua is an entrepreneur and programmer with a passion for business, technology and social change. He has been running technology businesses for the last dozen years and launched Enspiral in 2010. In 2013 he co-founded Enspiral Dev Academy and is currently serving as a Catalyst of the Enspiral network while focusing on the launch of Enspiral Labs. Joshua brings with him a wealth of organisational design and an ability to help people identify problems within their organisation and generate their own solutions.


Billy Matheson

Billy is a designer by training and an educator by profession. After an eight year career in tertiary education he founded the ReGeneration youth leadership initiative in partnership with the Enviroschools Foundation. For the last three years Billy worked with Auckland Council as a strategic advisor focusing on social enterprise. He joined the Enspiral Foundation board in February 2015 and has roles with a number of ventures within the network.