'Nothing becomes real unless you practice it'


Open Enspiral workshops give people context, tools and an experience in open participatory systems, based on our lived experience of Enspiral.

Enspiral is a global network of entrepreneurs and startups working on stuff that matters.

Our ventures and freelancers contribute income back to the core foundation and all decisions are made in an open and participatory way.

There are no bosses and people come before process.

We'll examine the cultural and technical processes and practices we use to build the network and strengthen the ventures and humans within it.

Participants will work on their own organisational questions, with the help of experienced organisational design practitioners and facilitators.






March 2017

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April and May 2016

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May, June, September 2016

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       We'll share our experiments in:

  • Governance: What's it like to have legal liability and limited power?                                                   (Our answer: Minimal Viable Board)

  • Finances: How do you democratically fund a community?                                                                  (Our answer: CoBudget)

  • Decisions: How can you come to consensus with 300 people and not sit in hour long meetings? (Our answer: Loomio)

  • Management: How do you hold accountability and support in an organisation without managers? (Our answer: Stewards)

  • Leadership: How might distributed leadership actually work?                                                             (Our answer: Catalysts)