'Nothing becomes real unless you practice it'


Open Enspiral workshops give people context, tools and an experience in open participatory systems, based on our lived experience of Enspiral.

Enspiral is a global network of entrepreneurs and startups working on stuff that matters.

Our ventures and freelancers contribute income back to the core foundation and all decisions are made in an open and participatory way.

There are no bosses and people come before process.

We'll examine the cultural and technical processes and practices we use to build the network and strengthen the ventures and humans within it.

Participants will work on their own organisational questions, with the help of experienced organisational design practitioners and facilitators.





In the workshop we’ll explore two tools - built from within the network - which have been central to working in an organization and network with minimal hierarchy and maximum autonomy and openness. These tools are Loomio (decision making) and Cobudget (funding projects).

We’ll also look at the operating structures and processes that enable Enspiral to function including;

  • Governance: Minimum viable board

  • Leadership by facilitation: Catalysts

  • New business forms: Livelihood pods

  • Organising systems: Working Groups

One of the main findings is that the culture behind the tools is the most important investment organisations, teams, cooperatives, and networks can make. The workshop will explore the small experiments that Enspiral is built on.